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If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the body is the mirror of our feelings. If we are feeling great, it shows in how we hold and use our body.

Conversely, if we look at someone else’s body we can often tell how they are feeling by the signals their body is giving. Here are some statistics about the messages we receive from someone we meet:

• 7% of the information we receive is from what they actually say.
• 38% of information we receive is from the tone, inflection and speed of their voice.
• A staggering 55% of the information we receive is from their body language.

You can choose to take in every single bit of advice, or just one bit, either way you will see just how simple it can be to make a big difference to your life and the way you act towards people. This body language web site is here to help you build your confidence in just one area or many, it's up to you.

In this body language article we talk about 'body language gestures'. This is the way you 'gesture' when you talk to somebody or to a group. Body language gestures can be either your facial or hand expressions and the most important of which is most certainly your mouth. If your mouth has a downward turn at the sides, it easily gives off a negative vibe perhaps because of its association with being unhappy. The mouth should ideally be relaxed to give of a feeling of being exactly that - any pursing or tensing of the lips will give off an uptight or tense feeling, meaning the person you are trying to communicate with takes your attitude in a different context to which you intended.

Another body language gesture is the hand gesture. If your hand is tight in a fist, again you give off a great deal of tension. Perhaps in a difficult situation you might subconsciously do this if deep down you feel a little angry but in mid-conversation it really is best to control the way that you come across and even in a little time you will learn that your anger is something that you can control through exercises like this. It all goes to make you a little more confident in yourself.

A 'leaning' body language gesture is probably the most difficult body language gesture to perfect because it's more obvious and can be more overwhelming. Leaning into a conversation, or toward someone and touching them, tells them that you are listening and interested - leaning away from someone might tell them you are surprised to hear what they have to say or disagree with it. In the same way as leaning toward them to make them aware that you understand, slightly leaning the head to one side means that your ears are 'open' and you are taking in what you are being told.

Each of the points above will help to ensure that the person which you are conversing with understands you, and equally that you understand them. Without even saying anything in a verbal manner, you can tell them that you are both on the same level and speaking the same speak. Try body language gestures over the next few days. You will soon begin the importance of how your body language gestures 'talk' when you aren't speaking.

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