Using the Body Language of Attraction for getting hot girls to like you.

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Body Language of Attraction: How to Get Hot Girls to Like You

How to get gorgeous horny women like these two hot girls like you

We've all had hot women in our lives. You know... the ones with the sweet personality, the really nice hair and perfect boobs. She dates the "other" guys... but how can you the hot girls to like you? By using the Body Language of Attraction.

While men are primarily attracted to women based on their looks, a woman finds a man attractive because of his personality. An ideal man is an alpha male who is confident in himself and not afraid to take the lead and get what he wants out of life.

Ironically, what this means then is that the best way for a hot girl to like you is when she feels like she has EARNED you. That's because to get a hot girl to like you, you should come from a mindset of high value. Never come from a position of neediness.
So the best attitude to have in your Body Language of Attraction towards any one particular hot woman is to be casual. Show a non-attachment to whether she likes you or not. (By that I mean, if she likes you that's awesome, but if not, there are tons of other chicks out there who are equally as great as she is.)

The bottom line is that a hot woman should never be a challenge for you. Instead, you should be a challenge for her. In addition to placing a high value on yourself, you can also eliminate neediness by building up your social network.


Make friends with as many women as you can. (Women are easy to make friends with.) Also, date as many women as you can... don't restrict yourself only to dating "hot girls."

You see, the last thing you ever want to have going through your mind when you're around that hot woman is, "God, I MUST have this hot girl! She's irreplaceable!" Having an abundance of women in your life will solve that problem. Also, whenever a woman sees that other girls are attracted to a guy, she too feels attraction. This is the core essence in Body Language of Attraction.

Psychologically, this is known as the "social proof" phenomenon... and it's much more powerful in women than men. Ever noticed how your female friends drool over the guy at the corner of the bar who's got four hot girls at his table? That's social proof of Body Language of Attraction in action.
By the way, it's fine to think a girl is beautiful and to feel something strong for her. Here's the key though... you must always remind yourself that there are LOTS of other hot women out there who are just as wonderful as that hot girl you really like. If you start thinking that any hot girl is one of a kind, then that gives her power over you, and, ironically, makes her lose attraction to you.

So, you're free to think that a woman's amazing. Just remember that lots of other girls are amazing too. That way you won't become needy.

So remember,
1) place a high value on yourself,
2) make her earn your attention, and
3) hang out with as many women as possible...

Those are the three secrets in the Body Language of Attraction for how to get hot girls to like you.

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