Part 2: Reading nonverbal body language signs of interest from hot girls

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Reading Nonverbal Body Language Signs of Interest from a Woman
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Here are female nonverbal body language signs of interest sent from across the room. Most are applicable to men and women. The sequence of the list approximates the courtship sequence:


Sidelong glance(s)
Looks at you a few times
Holds your gaze briefly
Downcast eyes, then away
Posture changes to alert
Preens, adjusts hair, attire
Turns body toward you
Tilts head
Narrows eyes slightly
Matches your posture
Eyes sparkle
Licks her lips
Thrusts breasts



Never sneaks a peek
Fleeting eye contact
Looks away quickly
Looks away, eyes level
Posture unchanged
Does no preening
Turns body away
Head remains vertical
Eyes remain normal
Neutral, polite face
Posture unchanged
Normal or dull eyes
Keeps mouth closed
Sags to de-emphasize breasts


Alert, energetic
Pupils dilated
Gradually opens posture
Lowers drink
Touches self gently
Caresses objects
Crosses and uncrosses legs
Flashes of palm
Crossed legs steady
Dangles shoe on toe
Hands never touch face
Touches you any reason
Feet firmly on floor
Loosens anything
Leans forward
Steady hands, feet


Tense, restless
Normal or small pupils
Posture remains closed
Keeps drink high
Grips or pinches self
Squeezes, taps objects
Legs remain crossed
Back of hand gestures
Swings crossed legs
Keeps shoe on
Touches face
Never touches you
Feet on edges or toes
Tightens anything
Leans away
Tapping, drumming

More Points to Remember:

Sign of interested woman looking sexy

Frequency of Eye Contact: The more the better. Amount of time she, or he, holds your gaze, the longer the better. How she breaks off eye contact, down before away is great!

Shine of the Eyes: the brighter the better.

Direction of Body: toward you is good, away from you is bad.

Overall Posture: erect and alert are good.

Tilt of Head: vertical is bad, increased tilt is great.

Where the Drink is Held: high in front as a barrier, that's bad.

Hand Activity: clenched, squeezing or pinching is bad, open, caressing or stroking is great.

Most of us are slightly afraid as well as somewhat excited in settings where social interaction is expected and required. So, most people do not sit or stand in an open posture. But, during courtship, the more open the other person's posture is, the more open that person is to you and your advances. And, the more open you are, the more likely the other person is to open up to you.

First Conversation Signals: Men, pay attention to all the ways she communicates during the first few minutes as you talk with her. In social settings, most of us start out in a closed, defensive posture because we're a bit apprehensive. A closed posture feels safe. When the person you are talking with shifts to a more open posture, it signifies trust and comfort. That person is, literally, opening up to you and what you have to offer.

It takes courage to open up to the other person. If you go first, she, or he, will usually follow your move from closed to slightly more open. Open up in, slow, gradual shifts of posture. Believe me, by watching her signs of interest you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts!

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